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Website hosting talk

Website hosting talk is supposed to bring news, undiscovered (&& advantageous) DNS, CDN, domains and web hosting deals as well as a discussion. This is a free web hosting forum made to open the space for anybody and someone could seem to think that a cooperative deal hunting can pay back or, advertently, there would be an interesting information for non-decided potential customers. Hopefully, you'll find it usefull.

Prospectively, these web hosting discussions are proposed to consist of a techtastic content related to freely available expired domains (having thousands of external backlinks leading some valuable traffic, or SEO) and how to find expired domains, cheapest cloud, dedicated servers, vps, any shared web hostings, networking, or where to register a domain name. You can feel free to start any topic about website hosting cost, performance, or whatsoever.

There's thousands of web hosting companies and none straight correlation between their popularity and price-performance ratio. We talk about the IT environment changing amazingly quickly including things like e.g. their infrastructure, hardware, operation systems, geolocations of data centers, internet speed, or cyber security.

Possibly, you might see many other web hosting forums and I did it too. The forums are full of spam. If you're working for one of mentioned web hosting providers, then don't worry to introduce yourself. Feel free to be welcome as well as anybody else. But if you're a seolog coming to make a "free traffic" and nothing else, then this isn't the right place for you. Actually, yet, still, this isn't a free classified, or a directory website (link farm), nor any else link garbage.

This forum is friendly to citizens of any country. In the discussions will dominate a chat about UK, US, AU, JP and European website hostings because of the demographics. Unisoftdev Forum is mainly getting visitors from English speaking countries like (for example) UK and US, but this isn't any purpose, it's going inadvertently.