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Adam M.
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Small business voip service providers

Post by Adam M. » Thu Mar 23, 2017 8:41 pm

Are there any (cheap) small business voip service providers? Can you suggest me some reasonably picked up business voip hosting providers? I mean a hosted VoIP (voice over IP), also a cloud phone service. The single one reason why I'm yet still considering and (maybe forever) will be looking them is the budget more suitable for the voip business phone systems than classic phone providers. Expensive solutions could be a little bit pointless.


Juraj Vysvader
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Re: Small business voip service providers

Post by Juraj Vysvader » Tue Mar 28, 2017 11:25 pm

I'd been solving it a time ago, because the law brings an obligation for online businesses... Basically, customers should have a way how to contact me (cheaply) and e-mail address isn't enough. I've got two options how to make it simple for them. The first is some ridiculously cheap, or absolutely free calls for customers. You're watching the second option. The second is an online help desk, or some kind of a discussion forum, which is provided for free.

I guess that you mean a call from IP address (e.g. from your computer) to a phone operator.

There's more voip service providers enabling you to call free of charge on landline phones and even into networks of mobile phone operators, but, however, it differs from country to country. 12voip offers you to call for free on landline phones in some particular countries such as USA, United Kingdom and many others. 12voip, Google Hangout and many others make it possible to call for free on mobile phone numbers (not only from IP to IP like messengers) in USA. Other way, there're small business VoIP service providers charging less than 0.01$/min (forthis example it's OneVoip with 0.0073$/min) in the case of calls into UK mobile phone networks.

Skype is eventually usable when we would like to connect our websites with phones without any work : ), make it technically possible for the visitors of our websites to call for free. We don't have to write him/her a contact, because we can make a button calling to action... Our visitors can just click and start the (video)call. By the way, otherwise, there're better options than Skype, although. Possibly, almost everybody knows Skype and Facebook Messenger. I think it's very usable for calling to friends and families and that's what they're great for, but they can become more expensive, when you'll have to call somebody without their apps.