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Is there any app that is missing?

Posted: Wed Jan 18, 2017 1:42 am
by Juraj Vysvader
This is a pretty much general question. I'd like to know about any functionalities that you'd been looking for, but, finally, you didn't found out about any CMS extension, pure PHP, or Python server-side script providing it. You can give me an inspiration and, if there's a ravenous demand unhandled by competitors (as the best: there's none competitor), then, consequently, I'll make an extended extraordinary easy-peasy quick research on the code markets (confirming that's overdue), thereafter, I could be able to realize that the info from you put me at an advantage, since I don't have to make a time-consuming research of the markets (surveys), or to outsource it to a painfully expensive analytic company. I'm really able to imagine that it can give me some satisfaction to code it.