Formal education vs self taught learning

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Formal education vs self taught learning

Post by Adam M. » Mon Mar 13, 2017 5:40 pm

Retrospectively (2003 and 2003-2007), In a rapid act of decision taking of some first random choice and, thereupon, slow hesitation afterwards, I knew my secondary school didn't have anything common with my upcoming academic life, nor with my professions.
1. If I'm a newly self-made web designer, then must I be formally educated to be recognized? I've got a diploma, however, it's from a non-relative background, but I've spent a time learning to code in my free time as a self taught designer.
2. Is it normal that people make conclusions about self taught learning accordingly to a performance of some particular subjects in school?

Juraj Vysvader
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Re: Formal education vs self taught learning

Post by Juraj Vysvader » Mon Mar 13, 2017 9:19 pm

1.) There is a lot of statistics about programmers and designers from surveys. I'm gonna show you one statistic based on answers from 56K coders. The 69% majority is self-taught, 1.8% unemployed.
Well, usually, HR (human resources) people making the first decision ban you. They don't read your CV longer, or wanna speak with you, since they already know you are self-taught. Self-taught coders are getting jobs from other coders.

1 & 2.) Deductively, due to constraints, because time is limited, if you've spent less for formal education, then you could have spent more for self-taught learning, job, friends, or anything else. Also, there's a memory limit creating a counter-productivity between self-taught and school learning. Meanwhile, there's no synergy.

2.) I'd like to make sure we think the same. Some statements:
  • If you're 29yrs old, then 4.years is only 13.8%.
  • You didn't give a lot of effort for some of the subjects.
  • They guess your interest accordingly to non-relative subjects.
  • It's about a different period of time many years ago.
  • There's a conclusive counter-evidence (facts, not theories).
Right? OK. To summarize:
We discuss that somebody thinks you've never (during your entire life) been self-taught learning, since they compare your interest in some of non-relative subjects studied within a period making 13.8% of the whole, many years ago and in despite of a stronger counter-evidence.

This is from my point of view and, more helpfully, you can find out the views from others. Check out: list of cognnitive biases and list of fallacies.