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Raspberry Pi ideas

Post by Juraj Vysvader » Sun Mar 26, 2017 12:54 am

Excitingly, there're mini general-purpose computers smaller than credit card starting at $5 (ending at $35), having 70ma consumption and an outstanding lifespan (because the chip doesn't heat up too much). Can you imagine all the new opportunities to deploy? It can be worth to share your Raspberry Pi ideas, suggestions of interesting things to do with raspberry pi computers. I've got a normal Lenovo, Raspberry Pi 3, Orange Pi Pc (what's a Raspberry Pi' alternative) and can continue in the list... However, I've got more Pi computers than free time for it. Any way, I'd like to see (awe)some suggestions how to deploy the rest of my Pi computers. Maybe, you'll bring a new idea.

Adam M.
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Re: Raspberry Pi ideas

Post by Adam M. » Tue Mar 28, 2017 2:23 am

  • Automation, a personal assistant and IOT projects: Perhaps, we can see already developed software for Raspberi pi like for example: Jasper and I like face recognition (that's why the video:)

    However, this is not my original idea, since I know about huger crowd of people already using IOT built on some of pi family computers. Raspberry pi is already working as a receptionist (on some places), opening doors, feeding pets, making a coffee, taking care about herbs in gardens and doing a lot of different things as well.

  • Supercomputer, Cluster of Raspberry Pis: If you will want to use raspberry pis because of the computing power, then, amazingly, somebody could think the same. We can read about GCHQ's Raspberry Pi. GCHQ - UK Government Communications Headquarters (what's a British intelligence and security organisation, a kinda spy agency), or get DIY instructables from Southampton.

  • Virtual Desktop for Raspberry Pi: We can connect raspberry to our desktop/laptop and run both computers at the same time. After just swap between them on the screen.

  • Web server, proxy, media center, storage, or a cloud in general terms: it can be a home media center, more kinds of a proxy, realistically very own cloud, a web server and really more. Raspberry pi was designed to be able to run 24/7. Why we should separate it and use a home proxy? We can create some unexpected layer of security.