Is gpu mining profitable?

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Is gpu mining profitable?

Post by Juraj Vysvader » Sat Nov 11, 2017 5:03 pm

Is gpu mining profitable, or is it more profitable than just a simple investment into the mined coins?

In one year, Bitcoin surged in its market price by +/- 800% and Ethereum by 3000%. It means that if you invested $2K into Ethereum one year ago, then you might own $60K in Ethereum at the moment, on the end of 2017. Ethereum increased its worth 300 times in the last two years and it means you could've $600K if you spent $2K for Ethereum 2 years ago.

Meantime, if you've spent $2K for a mining rig, motherboards, graphic cards and whatsoever at the same time, then you could expect return of your investments after 0.5 - 2 years. It means that 200% return per year is the best what you can get from Ethereum mining rigs, whereas a simple purchase of the cryptocurrency could earn you 3000% of the spent money. Here's mining profitability calculator on NiceHash and Ethereum mining profitability calculator.

Even, there's many people paying $200 for old GPUs from Ebay only because of cryptocurrency mining, whereas some of Intel Xeon CPUs reachable for $10-40 and designed to work 24/7 in servers provide the same earnings. It's not any good idea to mine on I3 - I7 CPUs, or even worse on Pentium and Celeron, however some of Xeons are very efficient.

Why is in the cryptocurrency communities such interest in gpu mining?