How do free hosting sites make money?

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How do free hosting sites make money?

Post by Johny » Fri Aug 11, 2017 3:36 pm

There is awesome crowd of free hosting Samaritans with a lot of users creating their sites and playing around in admin backend, but they usually do not drive almost any other traffic. Statistically, the vast majority of the bloggers trying to earn money by blogging does not earn more than $4/month. I am not going to say that all of the free web hosting providers allow them to upload any heavy files like images and videos, or there is no limit, but it must cost a lot.

How cab be free blog hosting sites, or even more resource-sucked hosting providers profitable? How do free hosting sites make money?

Juraj Vysvader
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Re: How do free hosting sites make money?

Post by Juraj Vysvader » Fri Aug 11, 2017 4:27 pm

Comparably, can Facebook be profitable if people are uploading limitless amount of videos, photos and other files? If they upload on Facebook thousands times more than on free hosting websites? A lot of Facebook users have uploaded all Gigabytes of pictures and videos.
Facebook is one of the most profitable companies and doesn't limit such as free hosting sites do. Actually, social networks host it for free and without any restrictions.

Admins click on ads, if it's not their own. Even if they don't drive any traffic other except themselves, then they spent long hours on the free hosting sites, whereas normal average visitors of blog sites come just for 1-3 minutes and in average they experience 55% of visitors spending less than 15 seconds reading (they leave in 15 seconds and don't have time to spot all ads). It means that if a random visitor of the front-end spend just 2 minutes per day and an admin spend 3 hours, then an admin could be worth as much as 90 visitors staying for 2 minutes (3 hours in minutes divided by 2), or 200 visitors in total (if 90 is 45%), because there's a correlation between the time spent on sites and clicks on advertisements. Actually, the admins are more likely to click, because they'll wanna check what kind of ads is on their websites.
Now imagine that some free hosting got 100 users / day and hosts them on one single server. Each one of the users is worth 200 normal visitors and we count on 100 per one server. Multiply 100 by 200. The worth of 20.000 normal visitors for a price of one dedicated server is not so bad, i.e. 200 clicks per day (1% conversion rate) can cover all the expenses if the keywords are expensive. The price can be from $0.01 - $X. For these keywords related to hosting sites it is gonna be above $200/day (from 200 clicks). It could be some $6K/month.
Cheap dedicated servers are rented even for $10/month - $0.333/day, few cheap VPSs even for $1-5/month - $0.033/day, shared hosting even cheaper, so $2+ earned from PPC per one single admin is more than $0.033 - $0.333/day.